Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Chic...

Hey Closet Peepers!

This weekend I went to a friends Barbecue...Good eats, Good Company Good times!......

The hostess, Ms Lady Rain as I fondly call her, looked quite Fabulous as always!!......

To me her look said, "Lets start the summer party season off right!" The outfit was nice and cool and fabulously chic at the same time. I was inspired to re-create the look.

When re-creating a look from a friends closet remember the rules:

  • DO NOT go out and buy the exact same outfit. 
  • Her style idea and color combination should be your inspiration 
  • Make the look your own by adding accesories, shoes, bags ect..

Thanks Lady Rain for the inspiration! Closet Peepers comment below and let me know which of these looks tickles your fancy! Don't forget to click on each look to get purchase information for each item. Until next time my dearies...remember keep might just find a treasure!

Ta-Ta for now,

Kimaada's Kloset

1 comment:

  1. OMG, Lady Rain is 2cute. I'm matchymatchy so I like the color organization. The shoes are HAWT ,I love the necklace and the outfit is grownup and modest without being granny-ish, very Jesus friendly.