About Me

About Me

Hello there my fellow Closet Peepers...since you clicked on this tab I guess you want to peep a bit into my life.... Since I am such a giving person I will grant you quick peep...I am the wife of a supportive husband and a mother of 3 beautiful children, 2 boys and a girl, 14, 8 and 4 Currently, I am a Fashion Marketing Student @ the Art Institute in San Francisco, CA. I am also the owner of Kimaada's Kloset Inc. and a Wardrobe Consultant for Kimaada's Kloset, Wardrobe and Image Consulting Company.

Our Mission Statement is as follows:

"At Kimaada's Kloset we believe that by establishing a beautiful personal style, which reflects who you are, every woman can enhance her image and effectiveness. We also believe that every woman is unique and has that special something that can light up a room. Our goal is to bring that inner beauty to the surface for all to admire. Our services are personalized, based on each woman's specific lifestyle and budget."

So far you know that I am a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur and a Student... but honey that’s not all. 

I am also a Cookie Lee Jewelry Consultant.... I Loooove Accessories!! I strongly believe that Accessories can make...or break an outfit.... Check out my site

Last but honey definitely not least, I am the author of two Blogs, The Fabulous Adventures of Kimaada's Kloset
And my Facebook Blog Kimaada's Kloset - Fantastic Finds under $200 . Look me up!

Crazy Busy! But I am sure I am not unlike many of you. We woman Gracefully and Fabulously wear many hats. As the saying goes, "This is a Man's World but it wouldn't be Shhhh without a Woman!!!!

With that said Lets talk about my Blog, The entry topics will be the following: 

"Closet Peeping" - I will be going on adventures in a few of my readers closets searching for treasure. We will put together a few new outfits from her closet and I will be blogging about our experiences!! Lots of pictures to come... 

"The Bag.... It Just Called My Name"  - Who Doesn't love a new Bag? Sometimes they just call my name and when they do I will be sharing with you!!

"Never Too Many Shoes" - Okay I must admit I LOOOVE shoes...There is always a reason to buy another pair. If you feel like me you will Love this section of my blog... Be careful it might get you in trouble!!

"Fantabulous Accessories" - Ladies send me pictures of your favorite accessories. Some of your pictures will make it to the blog and we will put together a fantastic outfit based on your favorites!!

"The Frugal Fashionista" - How bout I LOVE to bargain shop... My favorite is to go to consignment shops, thrift stores and bargain markets like Marshalls and TJ Maxx... Don't sleep peepers... I come across GREAT finds in these stores... 

"Chic Street Fashion" - random pics of the fancy people I run into In a land of interesting  (to say the least) fashion sense, I run into some beautiful queens, diamonds in the rough, looking marvelously fashionable...I will be sharing that with you as well... 

Honey, let me tell you.........We have so many fabulous topics so little time! Until next time my dearies.... Keep peeping, you might just find a treasure!! 

Happy Reading!

Kimaada's Kloset!