Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cookie Lee started this business 25 years ago with the dream of being able to stay home with  her children. The vehicle she chose to help her achieve her big dream was jewelry. And to this day, She LOVES jewelry! 

Jewelry is fun and fashion at its finest because you can completely change the style and attitude of an outfit just by adding accessories.
5 Reasons I Love Jewelry
  • It’s a great way to connect with people because it’s the easiest thing in the world to compliment and use to strike up a conversation.
  • The same jeans and T-shirt can look completely different when you add jewelry.
  • Jewelry styles change all the time, so it’s always exciting.
  • You don’t have to be the perfect size or lose weight to wear jewelry.
  • It makes women look and feel fabulous!

So these are a few ways to intergrate Cookie Lee Jewelry into your daily wardrobe! 

Peepers visit the Cookie Lee Jewelry  website to view the entire line and SHOP SHOP SHOP!!

Until next time my dearies, keep peeping, You might just find a treasure!


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Monday, June 13, 2011

Closet Peep

Hey there Peepers! 

Since I have been peeping into your closets its only right that I allow you a special peep into mine. I have attached a few of my "Day" looks. 

So Peepers I want to hear from you...Comment below and let me know if you think I "ROCKED IT" or "DROPPED IT"....

In the mean time, keep peeping, you might just find a treasure!


Kimaada's Kloset
Kimaada's Kloset- Fantastic Finds $200 or Less


Why? Honey, FashionPhile is a consignment store dedicated to the sell of pre-owned Designer bags. YES! The entire store! I love this idea. Trufully, I wish I came up with it. Its brilliant! 

There are two FashionPhile locations. The first is in Beverly Hills, CA right off of Rodeo Drive and the second is San Francisco, CA, in the heart of Union Square, right next door to the Chanel store. Talk about prime real estate! I recently visited the San Francisco store, and I loved it! The store is very classy. It definitely has a high-end boutique feel to it. 

24 Reason Why I Recommend Shopping at FashionPhile

  • The company has been in the business of selling luxury goods for over 12 years.
  • Great customer service. The two sales women were very helpful and down to earth. The store DOES NOT have a SNOOTY VIBE.
  • The prices are great! The bags rage from $150 to over $44,000. There is something in almost every consumer's price range.
  • The Bags are NOT KNOCK OFFS!!! FashionPhile has 3 Authenticators for each brand. If somehow a fake gets past them, you will receive a FULL refund of your purchase. 
  • Check out the next 20 reason below. Enjoy!





BURBERRY Leather Prorsum Lowry Tote






Until next time my dearies. Remember keep peeping, you might just find a treasure!


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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fabulous Accesories - Duafe Designs

Peepers I have some REALLY talented friends. I'm serious. I am truly blessed to have gifted women in my inner circle who have transformed their desire to step outside the box into a collection of beautiful works of art. One of which is my good friend Ayodele Kinchen, who is the Owner and Designer of Duafe Designs.

Ayo creates gorgeous Jewelry, Bags, Clothing and Waist beads. When I tell you this woman's talent is amazing. I am not exaggerating! I was going through her Websites and FB pages and honey, there were so many lovely pieces that I found it was very hard to decide which ones to post.... Well I have narrowed them down the following 14 pictures.... Enjoy!


Necklaces and Pendants 

Honey, I told you this girl is BAD!!!! And by the way the model featured in the pictures is Ayo's younger sister Folami. Yes... talent runs in the family!

Peepers, check out the website and let me know which is your favorite piece from Duafe Designs. Until next time, keep peeping, you might just find a treasure!

Ta-Ta for now,

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