Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bag....It Just Called My Name!!

Hey There Peepers!!

How was every one's Memorial Day weekend? I hope every one was able to spend time with family as well as take a bit of time to remember the Veteran's and be thankful for all of the Men and Women currently serving in our Armed Forces.

My weekend was great....busy but really wonderful. BBQ's Saturday and Sunday.....and Bowling at a Church event on Monday....So much Fun. At one of the Cookouts I attended, a friend of mine was carrying this bag that literally caught my eye from across the room. So you know I had to get a closer look, take a picture and share you with you all.

Isn't it fabulous?? I just had to research the designer. The Brand is Anuschka. The designers create beautifully hand painted leather bags. The artistry is impeccable and the designs are eye catching. Carrying one of these bags can turn a simple Jeans and a T-shirt day......into one of those days that people are constantly complimenting you on your look!
These are a few of my favorites:

$227 - Crsna Classic Laptop Portfolio

$495 - Collage Art Multi Pocket Shopper

$403 - Collage Medium Shopper

$275 - Collage Art Vintage Double Entry

$316 - Premium Peacock Safari Large Bowling Bag

$275 - Tropical Paradise Criss-Cross Zip

$336 - Premium Peacock Safari Large Tote

$468 - Flying Jewels Medium Shopper

$275 - Iris Bliss Large Top-zip Shoulder Bag

$204 - Premium Peacock Flower Mini Multi-pocket Flap Satchel

I AM IN LOVE!!!..... If you love these bags like I do but your pockets don't I understand. However you are in luck.  On the  Kimaada's Kloset Facebook Page you will find Anuschka Hand Painted Leather Bags for under $200!!!!!! What a great find....Thanks Rhonda!

Until next time my dearies,  keep peeping, you might just find a treasure!

Ta-Ta for now!

Kimaada's Kloset!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Frugal Fashionista!

Well hello there fellow Closet Peepers!!!

The other day my Mom and I were in Oakland's Laurel District, looking for this cute little earring shop I discovered a few months ago.....for some reason they were closed on a Saturday @ 3p......So disappointing because I really wanted to blog about this store. :(   As my mom and I were casually walking back to my car we noticed a new clothing store about 2 doors you know me, I likes to get my shop on...So I had to go soon as I entered I noticed a big sign that said "Monique's Clozet "!!

Now you know that was my invitation to begin my favorite pastime of "Closet Peeping!!" Turns out that Monique's Clozet sells consignment and new merchandise......As you all can imagine, I am pumped because as you know, I am a Closet Peeping Frugal Fashionista!!!

One of the first things I noticed was how cute the store was....

I looked around the store and immediately knew I wanted this store to be one of my blog entries..... as I told you all before, I love to bargain shop so this was right up my alley. I introduced myself to the woman behind the counter....Peepers let me tell you...she was so kind and extremely helpful. Shouts out to Ms. Esther Wilson! After she called the owner and received permission, Ms Esther proceeded to show me around the store......

Monique's Clozet, carries new and vintage clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, The clothing ranges from sizes 0-3x, which I love because often time consignments stores forget about us curvy women...Not Monique's Clozet, in fact the owner designs her own line of t-shirts with the logo Curvy Diva's Rock!!

How cute is that!!!

Check out some of my favorite treasures I found at Monique's Clozet......

Super cute right!! Monique's Clozet is located @ 4140 MacAthur Blvd., Oakland, CA 94619......Go check them out Peepers!!

Comment below and tell me which one of these vintage treasures are your favorites.....

Until next time my dearies.....Keep peeping, You might just find a treasure!!


Kimaada's Kloset

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Are you a Closet Peeper??

Soooo Ladies what exactly is a  "Closet Peeper"? Well honey its just like it sounds....We "Closet Peepers" are frugal fashionistas! We are passionate about fashion. We love all of it, APPAREL!! dresses, jeans, tops, jackets, blazers, slacks… SHOES! We Love boots, wedges, pumps, strappy heels, flats, and sandals. ACCESSORIES!!.....  So many purses, scarves earrings necklaces, bracelets, bangles, head bands and hats……OH MY!!  We get really excited just thinking about it. 

Ehem.... (clearing my throat) My name is Tamia Kimaada and I am "Closet Peeper".........the rest of the closet peepers anonymous group says....."Welcome Tamia"...LOL Seriously its true and I am not alone. I am surrounded by other "Closet Peepers" My sisters, my Mother and my girlfriends all LOVE to "peep" into my closet. I have a closet dedicated to just my accessories; my friends and family often come to my house to “shop” in my closet.  

I enjoy peeping through other peoples closets, as well. I love to find special "treasures" that are totally looked over...Like a vintage purple blazer, that could be paired with a short A-line floral dress, and those great turquoise blue ankle cowboy boots that you bought a few seasons ago and you never got a chance to wear because you couldn't find anything to wear with them.......We all have that pair of know the ones that seem like they were "just calling your name" so of course you just had to get them!!!

Courtesy of                  

Or maybe even a bag that may have been passed to you from your mother, grandmother or even great grandmother. You know the one you keep but never wear because you cant figure out what to pair it with to get you that chic vintage look with an updated twist......

I love helping women find those treasures and bring life back into their wardrobes............

Soooo, now that we have established that you too are a Closet Peeper, time for me to let you know what to expect from my blog. The topics will be:

  • Closet Peeping 
  • Fancy Footwear
  • The Bag......It Just Called My Name
  • Fabulous Accesories
  • The Frugal Fashionista
  • Chic Street Fashion

Honey, let me tell you.........We have so many fabulous topics so little time!!............until next time my dearies.... Keep peeping, you might just find a treasure!! 

Ta- Ta,

Kimaada's Kloset