Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Frugal Fashionista!

Well hello there fellow Closet Peepers!!!

The other day my Mom and I were in Oakland's Laurel District, looking for this cute little earring shop I discovered a few months ago.....for some reason they were closed on a Saturday @ 3p......So disappointing because I really wanted to blog about this store. :(   As my mom and I were casually walking back to my car we noticed a new clothing store about 2 doors you know me, I likes to get my shop on...So I had to go soon as I entered I noticed a big sign that said "Monique's Clozet "!!

Now you know that was my invitation to begin my favorite pastime of "Closet Peeping!!" Turns out that Monique's Clozet sells consignment and new merchandise......As you all can imagine, I am pumped because as you know, I am a Closet Peeping Frugal Fashionista!!!

One of the first things I noticed was how cute the store was....

I looked around the store and immediately knew I wanted this store to be one of my blog entries..... as I told you all before, I love to bargain shop so this was right up my alley. I introduced myself to the woman behind the counter....Peepers let me tell you...she was so kind and extremely helpful. Shouts out to Ms. Esther Wilson! After she called the owner and received permission, Ms Esther proceeded to show me around the store......

Monique's Clozet, carries new and vintage clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, The clothing ranges from sizes 0-3x, which I love because often time consignments stores forget about us curvy women...Not Monique's Clozet, in fact the owner designs her own line of t-shirts with the logo Curvy Diva's Rock!!

How cute is that!!!

Check out some of my favorite treasures I found at Monique's Clozet......

Super cute right!! Monique's Clozet is located @ 4140 MacAthur Blvd., Oakland, CA 94619......Go check them out Peepers!!

Comment below and tell me which one of these vintage treasures are your favorites.....

Until next time my dearies.....Keep peeping, You might just find a treasure!!


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