Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Are you a Closet Peeper??

Soooo Ladies what exactly is a  "Closet Peeper"? Well honey its just like it sounds....We "Closet Peepers" are frugal fashionistas! We are passionate about fashion. We love all of it, APPAREL!! dresses, jeans, tops, jackets, blazers, slacks… SHOES! We Love boots, wedges, pumps, strappy heels, flats, and sandals. ACCESSORIES!!.....  So many purses, scarves earrings necklaces, bracelets, bangles, head bands and hats……OH MY!!  We get really excited just thinking about it. 

Ehem.... (clearing my throat) My name is Tamia Kimaada and I am "Closet Peeper".........the rest of the closet peepers anonymous group says....."Welcome Tamia"...LOL Seriously its true and I am not alone. I am surrounded by other "Closet Peepers" My sisters, my Mother and my girlfriends all LOVE to "peep" into my closet. I have a closet dedicated to just my accessories; my friends and family often come to my house to “shop” in my closet.  

I enjoy peeping through other peoples closets, as well. I love to find special "treasures" that are totally looked over...Like a vintage purple blazer, that could be paired with a short A-line floral dress, and those great turquoise blue ankle cowboy boots that you bought a few seasons ago and you never got a chance to wear because you couldn't find anything to wear with them.......We all have that pair of know the ones that seem like they were "just calling your name" so of course you just had to get them!!!

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Or maybe even a bag that may have been passed to you from your mother, grandmother or even great grandmother. You know the one you keep but never wear because you cant figure out what to pair it with to get you that chic vintage look with an updated twist......

I love helping women find those treasures and bring life back into their wardrobes............

Soooo, now that we have established that you too are a Closet Peeper, time for me to let you know what to expect from my blog. The topics will be:

  • Closet Peeping 
  • Fancy Footwear
  • The Bag......It Just Called My Name
  • Fabulous Accesories
  • The Frugal Fashionista
  • Chic Street Fashion

Honey, let me tell you.........We have so many fabulous topics so little time!!............until next time my dearies.... Keep peeping, you might just find a treasure!! 

Ta- Ta,

Kimaada's Kloset